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Innovative 3D Photo Viewing App Upgraded

See-View, the 3D Image Browser for iPhone and iPod touch has been upgraded in a new release which is now available from the App store for a limited period for only £0.59p or US$.0.99c.

SEE-VIEW ® uses cutting edge technology to give users a spontaneous, intuitive and fun way to navigate their photos. Users can rotate, zoom, spin and select their photos in real time on a fully-realised three-dimensional display, making it easier than ever to search through photo libraries.

The App currently works by viewing Flickr picture libraries and the latest release has been adapted to include Flickr Group accounts and boasts improved access to Flickr public and user accounts.

"We´ve made it easier for users to access their Flickr accounts with just a Yahoo e-mail address, making this a great way to view photos whilst on the move" said Richard Perdik of the apps developers, UK based See-Fish Technology. "And after listening to user feedback, we´ve also included a pre-loaded Flickr account in the set up, so new users can familiarise themselves with the App before searching Flickr".

"Above all, the App provides a great user experience; the complex mapping algorithms are sorting the photos by colour and shape, but the most important part is that it´s fun to use" said Perdik, "and because we want people to enjoy this software, we´ve also added a help page link to ensure that new users get started smoothly".

"Current restrictions to the iPhone operating system mean that the App cannot display photos direct from the phones picture library, which is why it has been designed to access Flickr. Anyone wishing to view their own photos with the See-View App will therefore currently need a Flickr account."

"However the next version of the iPhone software due later this year will allow us to access the picture library in future releases of the App".

Perdik said the software is also currently being developed for the iPad, where the bigger screen will enable improved image resolution and an even more enjoyable user experience.

To download the App, search for See-View on the App store, or click here for more information.

Notes to editors:

SEE-VIEW® 3D Image Browser
- View up to 500 images from a Flickr account or from the Flickr public gallery, automatically clustered into groups of 30 for use on the iPhone.
- Photos are grouped by similarity using our mapping technology, making it easier to find what you want to see.
- Flickr Group Feeds are now viewable using See-View
- Flickr accounts can now be added by using a Yahoo email address if the Flickr ID is not known
- Compatible with OS4 the latest iPhone software version.

© 2009 produced by Jon Riley