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New app is faster way to sort your digital photos

Searching through our old photos could soon be a lot easier thanks to a Newcastle-company which is releasing a new application for the iPhone.

See-Fish Technology has created 3D image browsing software called See-View that allows users to search through digital collections and quickly locate specific images.

The breakthrough application, expected to be a popular festive download, has been created with funding from North East Finance´s Design and Creative Fund and developed in association with Middlesbrough-based iPhone game specialists, Fluid Pixel.

See-View has been designed to meet the growth in digital image capture and storage technologies. It maps out collections of images in 3D cubes which users can rotate and zoom in and out using the iPhone´s multi-touch capabilities to find what they want.

Richard Perdik, See-Fish managing director, said: "This is cutting edge technology that makes browsing and finding digital images easier and therefore faster.
Digital images are usually indexed with text tags or key word searches or can require a manual search through thumbnails to find what you want. This can be hugely time consuming. See-View is a unique visual search application that allows multiple images to be browsed at once."

The software has been transferred to the iPhone from an image management tool designed for large commercial collections thanks to financial help from the Design and Creative Fund, in addition to support from the North East England Investment Centre and advice and guidance from Business Link.

Richard added: "See-View was initially designed as a tool for large commercial collections like those owned by galleries where we could present huge numbers of similar images at once in a visual 3D format. It´s the first time a truly 3D format has been available.

"The technology is easily transferable to the consumer market and the iPhone is an ideal platform. We expect to issue further releases for the iPhone as well as other emerging platforms such as the android phone.

"In reality, the technology could ultimately be used anywhere with a digital collection - such as in the health service for retrieving x-ray images or by the security industry."

Jon Bradford, fund manager for North East Finance´s Design and Creative Fund, said: "The old saying that a picture paints a thousand words has never been truer. With the growth in digital image capture and storage, there´s a latent demand for speedier and more effective searching and browsing techniques. See-View is that technology, relying on visual stimuli rather than any text.

"It´s particularly suited to the iPhone with its multi-touch capabilities and has great potential within both the consumer market and commercial world."

Richard added: "The funding from the Design and Creative Fund has been tremendous. It´s very difficult to get venture capital or private funding as they want to see interaction with the market but you need funding to get to the point-of-sale."

The Design and Creative Fund was set up with money from One North East to support the development of the region´s design and creative sector. To date it has invested £1.8 million in exciting businesses with typical investments of up to 125K.

For more information about the Design and Creative Fund, contact Jonathan Bradford at North East Finance on 0191 211 2316 or e-mail

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